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Healthy profits for ROI-hungry course creators and service providers

Sustainable scale. Served hot!

Sales-ready conversion copy seasoned with research and laced with creativity.

Strategic consultations to speed up your growth trajectory. With intention.

Momentum-charged programs fueled by implementation-focused accountability.


At Content Bistro,

you find the finest blend of wallet-wooing copy and sales-stoking strategies. But most importantly, you get a team that takes your dreamiest biz goals (lookin’ at you 7-figure launches!) and turns them into reality.

You savor hustle-free success with done-for-you copywriting services, sustainable scale biz strategy sessions, and “get booked solid” programs. High-touch, high-focus, high-ROI.

These Legends Love the Work We Do

“Prerna is a master at her craft”

– Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

“Her work is that good!”

– Vanessa Lau

“Most research-based copywriter”

– Brad Bizjack

Our intentional profitability™
approach is perfect  for the…

Course Creator

You’ve got a course your students love. 

And…You’ve got big goals for that course this year. 

Evergreening and selling on autopilot, maybe? 

Doubling (or tripling!) your past launch? 

Oooh…Notching up a 7-figure launch would be 🔥. 

The ONE thing you don’t want is to burn out trying to do allll the things on your own. 

You’re in rockstar CEO-mode and you want to team up with a strategist who shows initiative, has loads of experience and street cred, and can give your online course launch a serious conversion boost. 

With data-driven copy, launch-tested strategies and a serious commitment to keeping sleazy bro-marketing tactics out of the picture. 

Minus the ulcer-inducing stress levels (because we’re all about dedication to deadlines and attention to the tiniest details in this copy kitchen).

Poised-for-Profitability Service Provider

You know you want to scale.

Scale on your terms. 

Without overcrowding that packed-like-sardines schedule. 

Without spending every second chained to your laptop or thinking about the biz, even on vacays and weekends. 

Without feeling like you’re an order-taker. 

Feeling like you’re grabbing at shiny objects and missing the whole picture. 

Trying the “latest and greatest” spewed by gurus. Only to end up feeling overworked and underappreciated. 

You want to show up and serve your clients like a seasoned pro and without leaving every call feeling like you should’ve charged more.

You want to stop spinning your wheels and know exactly what you need to do to go from flinging spaghetti at the (strategy) wall to mastering sustainable scale for your service business and (finally!) cross off those fun goals, like that $300K year or taking 4-weeks off without dragging your laptop with you to the cabin.

Discover the key ingredients
for your biz success
with our fabulous
foodie-themed quiz!

(Plus get bonus freebies too!)

Meet the Chefs Who Dish Out
Healthy Portions of Conversions and Scale
at Content Bistro

That’ll be us!

Hey, there! We’re Mayank and Prerna.

Detail-oriented, MBA-under-his-belt, Mayank dishes out the strategic sauce seasoned with numbers and intentional profitability while certified conversion copywriter Prerna whips up those creative, conversion-laced copy. 

Together, they’re the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter. Calm, confident and crazy committed to seeing you succeed. 

A duo you definitely want on your team. 

Especially, if you want to scale your business while staying aligned with your core values – integrity, balance, freedom, joy, health… Y’know the ones that inspired you to start a business in the first place!

Craving copy that blends persuasion, personality,
and conversion science
with sales-tested strategies?

Selling your courses has never been tastier easier!

Plate up your Profits with

Custom Copy Bento Box

(BYOL- Build Your Own Launch!)

Whether you want a spectacular sales page or an email sequence to sell on autopilot, you’re in the right place.

Fully Loaded Launch

(The Whole Enchilada)

This is the GOLD standard in launch copy. The whole enchilada for course creators who want to launch with zero stress. All the assets you need, done-for-you.


(Go Gourmet!)

Our VIP Day Experience for course creators who want seasoned-for-sales copy… FAST!

We only have TWO of these available every month. courses are now earning $20K a month!

“I love Prerna! She has helped me and my business sooo much! Not only has she helped me to grow my business – but she’s also helped me to realize my self-worth as a business owner. When I first began to receive copy from Prerna –  I was like “YES – that’s exactly what I wanted to say!!”  ( but didn’t know how…lol). When we first started – it was for one product and one sales page. Our relationship has expanded into over 15  (FIFTEEN!) sales pages and full-blown evergreen funnels, including social media posts, blog content and so much more! Not only that, but my income has also tripled!  When we first started – I was earning approx.. $5,000 – $6,000 a month with my existing course and sales page – so it was a very difficult decision for me to invest so much in a copywriter and pray that it works out. But let me tell you – My income has skyrocketed!  My courses are now earning over $20k a month. I’ve forewarned Prerna that she is “stuck with me” for at least another year or so!!”


Artricia Woods,

Founder and Lead Trainer, Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Services

… on evergreen, we hit our sales goal of “one course per day”!

“I loved the copy that Prerna wrote for my sales page and evergreen email sequence. But the ultimate test was seeing if it converted. And it did! Using the new copywriting and sales sequence we had our biggest promotion ever! Almost THREE times more than our previous promotion! And now that it is set up on “evergreen”, we hit our sales goal of one course per day — something I’ve been trying to reach for over a year! I would definitely say investing in working with Prerna on our evergreen launch copy was worth it :)”

Cassidy Northrup Tuttle,

Succulents and Sunshine

...her highly strategic copywriting resulted in the strongest post-workshop sell-through we’ve ever had.

Prerna is …the copywriting whisperer! Forget the fact that she’s a quick study and puts in the legwork to speedily get your brand and voice. Better still,  this woman writes copy that makes products jump off a page and sizzle. Prerna helped us with a new product launch recently and although her fee was a substantial commitment for a brand our size, it was a calculated risk that I strongly suspected would up-level our copywriting and bottom line. (As anyone would conclude after reading her own web copy alone! Come on!). Her on-point input in the way we laid out our package offerings as well as her highly strategic copywriting resulted in the strongest post-workshop sell-through we’ve ever had. We struck gold in Prerna…and you will too if you’re wise enough to engage her services.

Donna Hoffman,

Founder & President, The Interior Design Advocate

Hungry for growth and scale that lights you up
and not burns you out?

Grab a plate!

Profitably Yours

This meaty session is perfect for you if you need our marketing-savvy brains on your offer or idea. 

From helping you name it to pricing it profitably to launching it with confidence, we can do it all in a Profitably Yours session. 

Excited? Us too!

Intentionally Profitable

Want us in your corner for the next 6 months so you can grow intentionally and add more profits to the bottom line while reducing the number of hours you work?

Get your systems sorted, visibility vrooming and offers optimized to perfection in this small group mentorship-meets-mastermind. 

They know how to build packages that serve both the client and the bottom line.

“There’s a reason Prerna and Mayank have built their business to $250K+/year (actually, there are several reasons, including the fact that they’re crazy smart, values-driven, and hard-working)… but, the big reason they’ve built this resilient, thriving business and platform is that they’ve mastered profitable packages & processes. They know how to build packages that serve both the client and the bottom line. It’s brilliant. They’re brilliant. And you’re brilliant for working with Prerna and Mayank on your packages and business.”

Kira Hug,

writer of weird at and co-kingdom creator at The Copywriter Club

They did the brain work for me!

“Other coaching mastermind programs require me sharing the mentor’s or coach’s time with other members. If they’re one-on-one then their style of coaching requires me to do the brain-work and come up with my own ideas. With MMP there was none of that. I got my 2:1 time with Prerna and Mayank AND because they understood what I wanted to achieve in my business and the kind of person I was, they did the brain-work for me. The result? A plan that I could execute without worrying about something not being “me”.”

Samar Owais,

writing emails that build eCom empires at Emails Done Right 

Tripled my average revenue during quarantine!

” OK, in the last six months I’ve launched three programs. All sold out. Wanna know how many I would’ve launched on my own?Zero. Prerna & Mayank Malik literally walked me through productized services step-by-step and made me launch. They idiot Justin-proofed my plan and refused to let me over-complicate anything. (Looking at you, G-Doc sales page.) And y’know what? It. Worked. I’m not one to share numbers, but those three simple launches tripled my average revenue during quarantine, without having to write a single word for clients. And they were my favorite projects ever.”

Justin Blackman,

unleashing monsters, one word at a time at Pretty Fly Copy

Why choose the path of

Intentional Profitability™
and Sustainable Scale™?

Let’s be honest…

Building a business is tough. If it were easy, yep… everyone would do it. 

Now we could tell you all about how we’ve built a million-dollar business while living in India, staying debt-free, raising our daughter, and dealing with chronic illness. 

But here’s the thing… 

That’s not what matters. 

What matters is THIS…

You want to create a legacy. 

You want to make an impact. 

And you want to do it all without poking painful holes in your wafer-thin sanity levels.

That is exactly where we were when we realized we need…  

…profitability that’s purposeful and intentional and we want scale that is sustainable in the long run. 

So we can continue to grow our business AND do the things we truly love to do – travel the world, wrap up work at 2:30 pm in the afternoon, every single day, spend time with our daughter (without putting it into a planner!) and make boundaries our BFFs!

When you work with us on your copywriting projects or your scalability plans…

… you get strategies that we’ve actually tested out in our own life and business.

… you get conversion copy that aren’t rehashed versions of what everyone else is schlepping around.

… you get a practical yet unboring approach to building your empire without burning down your home.


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